Breeding Responsibly for 25 years

Food-Purina Pro Plan Puppy

for small breeds

Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Adult (not for problems but because this is a Salmon based food which helps the year round coat growth of our beautiful Cavaliers).

These following items can all be purchased through my personal favorite catalog (unless noted otherwise);

Shopping & Resources


The parent club for the USA, has breed information and also events. See if there is a cavalier specialty show coming near you.

American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

The founding parent club of the Cavalier breed, has a vast and informative site that offers an extensive education on the health of this breed.

Doggie Camp for your favorite Fur Friend!!


The crate size for a Cavalier should be approximately 22Lx22Wx19H, variations to these dimensions are expected depending on the style you choose.

A 1 qt. stainless water pale with a double snap clip is important. (Clips can be purchased at any hardware store).


Choosing the style that appeals to you paired with practical style of a bottom heavy dish that doesn't flip easily.

Small bowls for water, so ears don't fall in. Or, cut hole in top of plastic container large enough for muzzle, not for ears. (tacky but, practical)


Master Grooming Tools:

  • Soft Slicker
  • Small Slicker
  • Pin Brush
  • Comb Greyhound medium/course
  • Rubber Grooming brush - Oval Brush (excellent for adult coat for shedding)


  • PPP Cactus Aloe
  • 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Ikaria-good shampoo line
  • Spa Facial Scrub
  • Crazy Pet Grooming Sprays (In between bath freshen up)


Top Performance Pro Ear Medicated Ear Cleaner 4oz.


First collar adjustable 6"-10" 3/8'W.


3/8" harnesses are highly recommended for Cavaliers, however, wait until obedience training is well under way before choosing your harness. Harnesses encourage pulling behavior.


Do not leave puppy in crate until out of chewing stage. Use old pillow case or towel.



Nylabone is a trusted product name with a large selection. These toys are safe to leave in crate with puppy.

Ranch Reward Smoked Bones (safe for crate)

Knee Caps are a favorite of Marshelle Cavaliers

Ranch Reward (safe for crate)

Antler Chews - another family favorite


Can't go wrong with holistic; many products to choose from. Our favorite was Healthy Baker, which we can no longer have shipped to Ohio, and cannot get an answer as to why.

Happy shopping!